Historical Events

National Conferences

2003 1st National Histology Conference (hosted by NSW) 

2005 2nd National Histology Conference (hosted by VIC)

2007 3rd national Histology Conference (hosted by QLD)

2009 4th National Histology Conference (hosted by SA)

2011 5th National Histology Conference (hosted by NSW)

2013 6th National Histology Conference (hosted by VIC)

2015 7th National Histology Conference (hosted by QLD)

2017 8th National Histology Conference (hosted by Hobart)

2019 9th National Histology Conference (hosted by SA) May

2021 10th National Histology Conference/ Joint Conference with IAP (hosted by NSW) – Cancelled due to Covid-19

NSW State Conferences

1989 Albury/Woodonga

1991 Thredbo

1993 Medlow Bath

1995 Dubbo

1997 Leura

1999 Leura

2001 Jambaroo

2004 Mudgee

2006 Mudgee

2008 Canberra

2010 Toukley

2014 Orange

2016 Port Macquarie

2018 Rooty Hill



November – IHC & FISH Technique by Jane Radford, Dako


May – IHC & Troubleshooting by Emma Jones, Roche

September – Cryotomy & Frozen Section Techniques by Tony Henwood & Linda Prasad

November – Light Microscopy by Ron Oldfield, Philip Ramsden, Trevor Hinwood & Luke Wensing, Microscopic Society


October – Antibody Optimisation by Emma Jones, Roche


April – Cutup Workshop by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins, Canberra

July – Silver Stains by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins, Canberra

September – Cutup Workshop by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins, Canberra

October – Microtomy, Demonstration & Issues Relating to Microtomy by Leah Simmons & team of HTSNSW committee

November – MacroPath Digital Imaging at Gross Cutup Station by ABACUS ALS


March – Tissue Recognition Leah Simmons, Bill Sinai & Grant Taggart

April – Cutup Workshop by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins, Canberra

May – H&E staining and Troubleshooting by Tony Henwood, QAP & Leah Simmons

July – Microtomy by Leah Simmons & team of HTSNSW committee

September – Cutup Workshop by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins, Canberra


March – Tissue Recognition & Basics by Leah Simmons & Bill Sinai

April – Cutup Workshop by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins, Canberra

May – Processing & Embedding by Leah Simmons & Bill Sinai

July – Connective Tissue Stains by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins

August – Haematoxylin & Eosin Staining by Tony Henwood, Linda Prasad, Jacky Mayfield & Leah Simmons

September – Cutup Workshop by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins, Canberra


February – Advanced Tissue Recognition by Leah Simmons & Bill Sinai


March Fixation – Planning, Principles & Preparation for Histology by Dr Tamara Sztynda & UTS team

July – Micro-organisms Staining by Dr Tamara Sztynda & UTS team

September – Advanced Tissue Recognition – Gastrointestinal Tract by Dr Tamara Sztynda & UTS team

COVID-19 interfered with workshops after this point – hoping to reintroduce them again soon.

Scientific Presentations


August – Body Farm by Dr Kendall Bailey

November – Tour de France by Dr Tolmont


February – Establishing Histological tissue parameters of Normal Skeletal muscle for a Better Diagnosis by Dianne Reader

April – Histology Hypotheticals by Tony Henwood

July – Viruses & breast cancer by Jim Lawson

August – Coeliac Disease: A common condition affecting many Australians by Dr Geoff Hall

November – Handwriting Analysis by Craig Pebbles


March – Body Farm by Dr Kendall Bailey

August – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Laboratory by Lawrence  Young

October – Bones & Decal by Grant Taggart

November – Astronomy in Antarctica by Michael Ashley


April – Pituitary Tumours by Dr Ann McCormick

August – The Zoo of the Body & Special stains 4 by Dr Esther Myint

September – Haematoxylin & Eosin Staining by Grant Taggart

November – Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius 2014 by Dr Estelle Lazer

March – Body Farm by Dr Kendall Bailey

May – Recycling in Histology by Concord Hospital

August – Obstructive Pathology by Dr Esther Myint


December – Medieval Astrology & Health by Ian Whitchurch


August – Pathology-Outside of the Box by Dr Fiona Maclean


September – Cutup experience by Penny Whippy & Anne Prins


October – An insight into the Life of an Olympian & a Socceroo by Bill Henderson


September – Microscope Slides – The Old & The New by Trevor Hinwood & Alex Anderson from Trajan

October – Immersive Virtual Reality in Education by Leah Simmons


March – Tissue Processing- Pitfalls & Solutions by Dr Tamara Sztynda & UTS Team

May – Tissue Processors – Means & Ways to achieve Tissue Processing by Ewen Sutherland, Bio-strategy

July – Stratified Squamous Epithelia by Dr Tamara Sztynda

August – Digital imaging by Leica Biosystems & Roche

October – Skin Pathology- Part 1 by Dr Tamara Sztynda

November – Skin Pathology- Part 2 by Dr Tamara Sztynda


March – Embedding by Dr Tamara Sztynda

May – Embedding Waxes by Leica Biosystems, Abacus Dx & Bio-strategy

July – Lymphoreticular Organ Histology by Dr Tamara Sztynda

September – Surgical Cut-up National Consultation by Leah Simmons


March – Urinary system histology by Tamara Sztynda

April at Doltone House Sydney – The Body Farm and Forensic Histology by Dr Kendall Bailey & Dr Sascha Maistry

May – Introduction to Surgical Cut-up by Carlee Hill

July – Quality Control for Accurate Pathological Diagnosis & Keeping ABREAST of your EQA results: Immunohistochemistry Breast Markers Review by Neeta Lal & Zenobia Haffajee

September – Molar Pregnancies and IHC Pre-analytical Issues by Joanne To and Tony Henwood

October – Introduction to IHC by Kylie McDonald

November – Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Deep Learning in Anatomical Pathology by Dr Melissa Tadros


February – The value of cytology in pathological diagnoses + Purpose of the mobile cytology lab – ROSE Dr Elizabeth Salisbury & Joanne La Malfa

March – Surgical cut up, Benign gynaecology specimens by Carlee Hill      

April – Hirschsprung Disease Dr Joanne To

June – What’s so SPECIAL about Special Stains? and IHC staining – Not just any BROWN stain! Neeta Lal & Zenobia Haffajee, RCPAQAP

July at Noah’s on the Beach in Newcastle – IHC & Biobanking, Skin biopsies – there is more than one way to skin a cat and Forensics on the foreshore, Megan Clarke, Dr Alison Potter and Dr Allan Cala

August – Total Eclipse of the Heart (Forensics) – Hearts under attack: the spectrum of ischaemic cardiac disease, Owner of a Broken Heart: unusual cardiac infiltration and Enlarged but normal: can the microscope tell us more? Unusual systemic infiltration by Dr Lena Quinto, Dr Donovan Loots and Dr Lenѐ Burger

October – Getting abreast of your breast specimens by Carlee Hill

November – Macroscopic Triage and Cut Up of Placentas by Dr Joanne To